---- DSC00146 (large)At the Grist Mill we can service your every need!
We are located right off Route 26 on the Snowmobile Trail.  The Grist Mill has an extremely convenient location where you and your family can easily unload and load any and all of your sledding needs.  Our large parking lot can accommodate all Tractor Trailers, Commercial Trucks, Buses, Lights Trucks and Cars!  We are a Family Style Restaurant open 24 hours and seven days a week!  We have Gas, Diesel and we accept most major credit cards and many major fuel cards.  We can accommodate any size group that comes our way!  When you're done with your activities for the day and you are looking for a great place to eat with your family, The Grist Mill can provide all of your needs!  Looking to get some rest, to filling the tank and even getting a great meal with the family!  The best restaurant in the area!  Not only do we have good food but also good service and good prices.  How about some dessert?  The best part about this place is the peanut butter pie! Its really good!!!
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 We have a Live Cam
24 hours a day 7 days a week!

We provide oil for Diesel, Gas and Snowmobiles.
We also carry spark plugs.

Hours of Operation

Open 7 days a week

24 hours, Breakfast - lunch - dinner
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