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Always kinda dirty and the food isn't amaxing. But the staff is nice and the portions are very large. As far as diners go it's not one you rave about, but it's open 24hrs and can cure a hang over. The ice cream is good too.
Chase Cramer via - Aug 1, 2020
Great food!!!
Cindy Fontana via - Jul 31, 2020
Food was great. Good service ... read more
Mike S via - Jul 26, 2020
Great as always fast service and good meal ... read more
Ron Kelly via - Jul 26, 2020
Nice cozy atmosphere ... read more
Scott Kincaid via - Jul 24, 2020
Great food. Nice staff.
Shawn Meyers via - Jul 18, 2020
Food was good...waitress was great ... read more
Tracy Kratzer via - Jul 16, 2020
Great cheese burger.go there every time I'm up that way.
Mike Katzenstein via - Jul 15, 2020
Best breakfast!
Don Kerwin via - Jul 15, 2020
It’s open
It’s open great place to eat great service food was awesome try the fretta really really good milkshake ... read more
kimmiles69 via - Jul 11, 2020
Great food, great customer service. The only bad thing I can say is no French Vanilla creamer! But regular creamer did fine!
Rebecca Walden via - Jul 11, 2020
Food was great staff was friendly.
Adrienne Michel via - Jul 6, 2020
Been there 3 times.... Excellent Service, food quality is always great !!! You'll always get your money's worth and then some !!!
Don Peterson via - Jul 4, 2020
Good food and service, very large portions!
Avis Wilson via - Jul 3, 2020
Very good food. Liver is hard to get right, but they cook it perfectly. It was moist and tender, and the broccoli was tender but not mushy. My wife said her grilled pork chops were also excellent.
David Luja-King via - Jun 17, 2020
We love to go out. Last night we went to this magnificent restaurant which friends told us about. We enjoyed a beautiful experience there with great cooking and an experienced team and an impressive chief cook. We added this fine restaurant in our list and we will certainly go again soon. Highly recommended.
leonardo ciuffreda via - May 26, 2020
We like a lot to go out. Yesterday we found this excellent restaurant which we didn’t know before. We passed a beautiful experience there with excellent dishes and a professional team and a talented chef. We added this place in our phone list and we shall surely come back soon. We warmly recommend.
Xander Lee via - May 11, 2020
Overpriced. Besides that, cozy, great service, and good tasting food. Been here a few times.
Brody Rampulla via - Mar 19, 2020
The is good they make good bacon eggs sages and pancakes ... read more
SSI KID via - Mar 18, 2020
Food is amazing, drinks are great, but mostly I loved impeccable service by the staff!
Samantha Meyer via - Mar 14, 2020
Great food and services ... read more
Dawn Anderson via - Mar 14, 2020
Food was good people friendly ... read more
Joseph Bradshaw via - Mar 9, 2020
Certainly a spot worth visiting, the food is great and well prepared, the rates are affordable and it is regularly well kept here. Keep up the good work.
Brentley Frazier via - Mar 9, 2020
food is great and so are the people
food is great and so are the people ... read more
Elaine N John Crary via - Mar 8, 2020
Great food. Awesome service. Plenty of truck parking which in NY is extra extremely appreciated. Thank you for everything. Only stop in NY to ever make my favorites list.
Trucker Tee via - Mar 6, 2020
The absolute best meat lovers omelet I ever had. The pies were awesome as well as the staff.
Greg Myers via - Mar 2, 2020
Very quick service ... read more
Joni Pangrazio via - Mar 1, 2020
The is good they make good bacon eggs sages and pancakes ... read more
yo boy noodles via - Feb 29, 2020
Great place to go. We go everyday after the gym.
Lana Alley via - Feb 29, 2020
Good food, good prices, great atmosphere ... read more
Michael Potter via - Feb 29, 2020
Love this place. The food cones in huge portions and is always fresh home cooked tasting. They are frequently under staffed so be prepared to wait a bit. But the prices are great and to keep prices down you cant have a huge staff. Every time I'm in this area I do whatever I can to stop.
Karen Wagar via - Feb 29, 2020
we have been twice.Great experience both times,food,service and conversation.Thank you.
we have been twice.Great experience both times,food,service and conversation.Thank you.
Sally George via - Feb 21, 2020
great food and service everytime!
great food and service everytime!
Jonathan Mosher via - Feb 18, 2020
The food and service is outstanding, especially when I was apart of a giant group. 100% recommend ... read more
Thomas Reed via - Feb 16, 2020
Food ... read more
Sherm Dowie via - Feb 16, 2020
The food here is wonderful! Great place to stop if you're traveling and looking for a delicious meal.
Ryan Buck via - Feb 16, 2020
First time visit an nice!
Heather Reed via - Feb 15, 2020
Service was great, food excellent!! Great atmosphere, it's a very to take the family. Highly recommend ... read more
Kevin Reed via - Feb 15, 2020
The frieghtliner fretta is awesome ... read more
Jim Brown via - Feb 15, 2020
Great food and very quick in getting the Hot meal! Very good place to eat
Great food and very quick in getting the Hot meal! Very good place to eat ... read more
Wanetta Matthie via - Feb 10, 2020
Good food very welcoming of snowmobilers also have gas and 2 stroke oil ... read more
Chuck Chillson via - Feb 10, 2020
Delicious and fresh. Waitress was very professional and friendly.
Rick Scales via - Feb 8, 2020
Food NEVER disappoints ... read more
Katelyn Wines via - Feb 7, 2020
Food was great ... read more
wade ingalls via - Feb 3, 2020
Great cook ... read more
Terrie McDowell via - Feb 3, 2020
Great food ... read more
Rose Wyman via - Feb 3, 2020
Always good food. Loved the kielbasa and egg special. After we left, my wife was commenting on how good the Mill Muffin is and much she enjoys that!
Lance Evans via - Jan 31, 2020
Awesome spot to eat and a huge parking lot for trucks ... read more
Scott Sewell via - Jan 29, 2020
The food is great and the service is very good. I recommend this place to any traveler in need of good food.
13yoshi5 via - Jan 29, 2020
Food & service great as always ... read more
Clyde Barber via - Jan 29, 2020
Love this place ... read more
james frascati via - Jan 28, 2020
First drop of the snowmobile season....nice lunch finishing up after a short ride...had a Buffalo chicken wrap. Very good.
Jeff Mowers via - Jan 19, 2020
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